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It's not what happens to you. It's what you do with what happens to you.

-- Author Unknown

Treatment Approach

I believe in being actively engaged and entering into discussion with you as opposed to the more Freudian model of one sided listening and being more distant. Working together and building a level of trust so that you can share your thoughts openly and honestly is a crucial part of successful therapy.

My approach is to find insights and solutions that are both psychologically sound and practical. I focus on identifying and building on clients’ strengths. My goal is to pass the skills and tools on to you so you no longer need a therapist.

I take an eclectic approach to therapy in that I do not follow a single theoretical perspective. Rather, I draw on a variety of psychotherapeutic techniques based on the specific needs of each client. My work is informed by psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, humanistic, family systems, EMDR, and Imago Relationship therapies. I create individualized treatment plans for each client based on integrating approaches from these and other schools of psychological thought.