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We live in the shelter of each other – Celtic saying

Beyond right thinking and wrong thinking there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

– Jalal ad-Din Rumi

Couples Therapy

I welcome couples who simply wish to enhance their relationship to couples who are on the verge of breakup. A goal of couples therapy is to end the cycle of blame and shame and in its place develop connection, trust, and passion. I help couples to break out of negative interaction patterns by helping them become aware of their “dance” and what keeps them stuck in losing strategies. These are replaced with more satisfying and productive ways of relating.  Increased intimacy and connection are achieved by learning better communication and relationship skills and by greater insight into each other's point of view.

My style is to facilitate, rather than lead. We will start most sessions by my asking what issues you would like to address and what would make our time valuable to you. My goal is to impart to you relationship tools and skills for a loving, intimate relationship that you can use without a therapist present. I also focus on personal growth in my work with couples. As each individual  makes their own progress  they bring that growth to the relationship.