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Good mental health is not the absence of problems.

Rather it is the ability to deal with those problems productively, creatively and effectively. 



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When life challenges become overwhelming I believe it is a sign of strength to reach out for help. For over 35 years it has been my privilege to help people move beyond depression, anxiety and general unhappiness into healing and personal growth.

Sometimes what is needed is another perspective to help understand and work through difficult emotional issues. It takes courage to enter into therapy. With respect for that I see my responsibility as providing you with a safe place in which to address your concerns and explore your life experiences - past, present and future. Listening with compassion and without judgment, and forming a strong connection with you are important components of the therapeutic process. 

The first and often difficult step of embarking in therapy is choosing a therapist who is a good fit for you. To assist you in this I encourage you to ask questions during our initial phone conversation. In our first session, while I am gathering information about you and your concerns, it is also your opportunity to determine if you feel comfortable with my style and approach to therapy. In this session we will begin to explore what issues would be valuable for you to work on in therapy and how our work together can help you make progress toward your goals.